Titan Wildcat Mountain Bike for Ladies

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The Titan Wildcat Mountain Bike for Ladies is a superb and girly bike designed specifically for teenage ladies to meet the daily needs of casual urban transport and also doubles as a fitness bike. It comes with a steel MTB frame for durability, twelve speed, superb shifters that can be operated easily with the thumb, seat that can be adjusted to any height, handlebars that are adjustable, front and rear brakes that utilizes the linear pull system for effective braking, and a massive twenty six inches high quality tires, amongst other brilliant components.


The Titan Wildcat Mountain Bike for Ladies comes with the following features:

  • Massive twenty six inches, high quality alloy wheels
  • A fifteen inches frame made from steel to offer durability and sustain rides on different terrains.
  • Twenty six inches tires that offers superb rolling properties on a wide range of terrain.
  • Seats that comes with height adjustable capabilities.
  • Gearing system that utilizes twelve speeds to adapt to different riding conditions.
  • A gear shifter technique that is easily operated with the thumb
  • Front and rear brakes using the linear pull system to deliver powerful braking force.


The Titan Wildcat Mountain Bike for Ladies is a petite bike that suits the lifestyle of the average lady. It ships partially assembled and coupling it all up can be a pain since the instructions that came along with it are not specific to the bike but a general bike assembly manual. It is however advisable to take it to a bike shop if you don’t have basic assembly skills so as not to tamper with some delicate components.

This bike is great for beginners and will perform well if all you do is short distance and leisurely ride. It will not take the beating of trails or mountain rides so it’s better limited to riding around the neighbourhood or to the malls.

The bike rides nice and the fully adjustable seat and handlebars is a plus. They are easily adjustable to suit any height and riding position. The seat is also padded with quality material and is well cushioned for comfort.

It comes in sweet feminine colors that are very appealing and the paint job is great, looks professionally done.

For a beginner’s bike, the Titan Wildcat Mountain Bike offers excellent handling and the price is appropriately matched with the value it delivers.

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