Topeak Alien II Bicycle Tool

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The Topeak Alien II Bicycle Tool comes with a clever design that makes it stand out. The break-apart design makes it easy to find and use the right tool. It comes with 26 high quality tools that provide exactly what you need.  It also has a chain tool that is compatible with most multi-speed and single speed chains, including 10 speed hollow pin chains. There are also two tire levers each incorporated into half of the break-apart design body and the tools are made from hardened steel for durability. This multi-tool weighs in at just a little over 0.6 lbs and comes with a storage bag made from nylon.


The Topeak Alien II Bicycle Tool offers the following features:

  • 26 Tools Total comprising of 8 Allen wrenches, box wrenches,  a T25 Torx wrench, Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, spoke wrenches, 2 tire levers, mini pedal wrench, knife made of stainless steel, opener for bottle, a cast cromoly chain tool made of steel and a stainless steel chain hook wire.
  • 2 Piece split body offering more flexibility.
  • Weighs just 270g / 0.60 lbs
  • Tools crafted from hardened steel for durability while the body is made from, Engineering Grade Plastic
  • Come with HD Nylon Bag With Clip


The Topeak Alien II Bicycle Tool is a superb tool set which includes all the Allen wrenches that are needed to adjust bike handles, brakes, seat position and speed rover. It has two size spoke wrench for adjusting the wheel and includes a chain tool for remove a section of the chain.
It functions also as a non-portable tool and possesses everything a bike tool should have, including spoke wrenches, a knife blade, tire levers, and surprisingly, a bottle opener. The split design of the tool separates and locks together easily. It also serves to helps keep the tool tight when it becomes loose over time by just tightening one side using the other.
Another fantastic feature of the nylon bag case is that it has a spring loaded belt clip that attaches very easily to a pack or your own waist.

The high level of craftsmanship exhibited in machining the tool is more exact; for instance, the 15mm wrench fit snugly over bolts.

This is not a lightweight tool and may quite be uncomfortable to carry around in your jacket pocket, but if need a more functional tool to go in your saddle bag, the Topeak Alien II 26-Function Bicycle is a great investment that will get you through most of mechanical repairs.

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