Wellgo Multi-Function Mountain Bike Pedals

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The Wellgo Multi-Function Mountain Bike Pedals offer a very durable product that functions well and is designed to meet the demands of the modern cyclist. Its body is crafted from an aluminum material with a barrel made from silver and an anodized aluminum caging. It sports a spindle made from Cro-moly and they are compatible with cleats made from Shimano. It is light weight at three hundred and eighty four grams

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The Wellgo Multi-Function Mountain Bike Pedals comes with the following features:

  • Can be utilized as a biking shoe as well as for casual strolling.
  • Made from an aluminium material with a silver barrel, together with a caging made from black aluminium
  • Uses a cromoly Spindle, together with ball bearing for durability and added support.
  • Uses the cleats from Wellgo (which comes included) or a Shimano cleat (which can be bought separately).
  • Designed with 9/16″ inches tread size and light weight at three hundred and seventy grams.
  • Bundled in package with two pedals together with cleats.


These pedals are built tough and works well for a better and seamless pedaling experience.  They can be utilized as platform pedals if all you want to do is short ride around town. They come with rubberized grips that hold tightly and if you want to push them to the limits of more intense biking, then it is better paired with SPD shoes and together with clips, you can ride hard and long as you like and this pedal will take the heat.

For short rides around the neighborhood, use them as a platform pedal. The rubber grips hold well. For more intense rides, break out the SPD shoes, get clipped in & ride as long & hard as you want.

The quality in the build is top notch and the adjusting mechanism for the cleats functions well and holds up nicely. Ensure that the spindle of your bike can attach with 9/16 inches threads for seamless attachments.

Generally, these pedals functions well and can be utilized according to rider’s preference. It’s an inexpensive recommendation for a much more engaging ride.

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