Zoic Ether Shorts for Men

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The Zoic Ether Shorts f or Men is a superb biking short that is tailored to be tough and delivers superb performance in any ride condition, be it commuting, cross country, trails, mountainous, etc. The short offers a superb triple value of a totally incorporated baggy bicycle short that splits into a flexible practical short that can be used independently, a padded lining system that is removable and utilizes the special ZOIC technology and a superb quality cycling liner that comes padded – all for the price of one.

One of the outstanding attribute of this short is the liner made of chamois specially crafted with the Zo-Tech, a stretchy chamois featuring multiple levels and built to highest standards with Polyester that can be recycled. This chamois lessens vibrations and supresses riding impacts that are transferred from the seat. It also is made from a material that absorbs moisture readily thereby keeping you always dry and comfy, sports several pockets which comes in handy to stow some sized gadgets.

The Zoic Ether Shorts f or Men comes in a variety of three colors (Nova, Tan or Black) and sizes ranging from small to three times large.


The Zoic Ether Shorts f or Men comes with the following features:

  • A shell made from one hundred percent Nylon
  • A twelve inches  inseam that drapes nicely to the knee length
  • Back waistband that is elastic and adjuster strips for the sides made from Velcro
  • Series of  vents properly positioned to provide for adequate cooling
  • Two zipped pockets positioned at the leg, two hand pockets at the front and a zipped pocket at the rear.
  • Taped seams
  • A techie pocket specially designed to accommodate music player or phones.
  • A Zo-Tech built chamois pad sporting An IPL Liner that is detachable.


The Zoic Ether Shorts f or Men offers superb wearing comfort that fits nicely and are not too tight. It comes with multiple pockets that are fantastic and there is even a dedicated pocket that’s well positioned to give you unobstructed and quick access to media players and phones while on the go. They function very well for biking and are lightweight, durable and absorb moisture from the body easily. The vents also offer excellent cooling. They have a tab made of Velcro on both sides that keeps the short closed all times, added padding in the back and the liners are of high quality.

This short is a well-designed piece and comes highly recommended.

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