2014 Diamondback Bicycles – Recoil Full Suspension

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Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Recoil Full Suspension Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels

Eye-catching diamond crystal black and white color patterns add to the beauty of the bike along with its superior the features. The bike has 10.16 centimeters (4 inches) Aluminum frame designed to make it sturdiest yet lighter and comfortable bike. This bike contains 6061-T6 suspension which provides breathtaking suspension for extreme control and comfort. The feature of powerful fork shock with maximum of 10 centimeters vertical travel absorbs any bum offered by most rough terrains. It has featured Shimano SLM-310 shifters (8-speed) and powerful rear derailleur for smooth gear change. Recoil full suspensions of the bike with SL-7 double walled rims give the rider guarantee of a perfect off road experience. The Tektro Disc brakes are used to offer a strong resistance and ground grip to stop the bike immediately and conveniently when needed. The high pressure tires are used in order to give swiftness, smoothness and acceleration to the bike.


The bike has many stunning features and has a skeleton made up of Aluminum with Recoil 6061-T6; Padded seat; Double Walled Rims; 8-speed Shimano Rear gear in conjugation of SLM-310 Shifters; powerful adjustable Forks with max of 10 centimeters vertical travel; IO plus disc brakes by Tektro.
This bike is especially designed for those aggressive riders who want to ride on unpaved and untamed paths to quench the deep thirst of adventure. The 73.66 centimeters (29 inches) strong wheels make the ride smooth and comfortable over any terrain. The pick of the bike so strong and on time that rider can immediately feel the thrust delivered to the ground. Its overwhelming features satisfy the adventurous desires of the most professional riders. It is the most powerful bike that can be conveniently rode over paved paths, rough terrains, dirt roads, mountainous or hilly areas and on concrete roads. It ignores the bumps and can leave the mud without even giving hint of disturbance.
It has an adjustable suspension level and 10 centimeters vertical travel forks that makes it ultimate control and superior handling capabilities. It is a perfect bike for those who want to use it as a daily means of transportation and vacation’s long off road experiences. It gives a benefit on all the ascents and descents of riding ventures. The aluminum frame of the bike is the sign of lifelong durability; and also supporting geometry for the riders to protect them from fall or injury. Its padded handles provide a strong and nice grip to the riders which in turn help them to steer and speed up the bike in right directions.
The performance of the bike will be reflected from its speed and specifications. Available in different sizes, the design of the bike is awesome which create a good impact on the riders. It can be assembled easily without wasting extra time. Accompanying all these superb features with such price tag, this crystal black and white recoil full suspension bike is economical for any biking enthusiast.

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