29-Inchces Wheels Diamondback – Black Response Mountain Bike

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Diamondback Response Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels Black

This superb bike has an elegant design and is launched in 2014. It is an upgraded model with all the superior and extraordinary features. The 29 inches wheel size assures that riders can overcome any obstacles of the roughest terrain and enjoy a safe and adventurous ride. It has XCT type SR Suntour suspension forks of which offers a vertical play of 10 centimeters. Its butted Aluminum frame (6061-T6 type) provides the riders extremely maneuverable ride. Its mechanical Promax type disc brakes are tuned to provide ultimate stopping power when needed at rough trails. It has Shimano (Altus) rear gears with 7 speed shifters which are smoothly transferable during the ride. It contains double walled rims which provide protection to the inner side of the rim from damage.

This bike is made of butted aluminum Frame of 6061-T6 type; SR Suntour suspension forks with vertical play of 10 centimeters –XCT type; Shimano (Altus) rear gear (7 speed); EF-51( Shimano) quickly shifting shifters; Double walled Rims; powerful disc brakes; Adjustable saddle with alloy material pole; 29 inches wheels.
This Diamondback’s Response mountain bike is an eye catching bike with all the new and up to dated features. It is prepared according to the expectations of the professional and serious riders. However, it is equally suitable and efficacies for both adult beginners and also for the experienced and expert riders. The wheels are so powerful that, the rider can easily cross the unpaved way without a bump and will definitely enjoy the journey. It’s easy to assemble as the frame body is made up of Aluminum material which is lighter in weight and hence provides the rider extreme maneuverability. Furthermore, it’s this trait makes it shifting very easy from one place to another. The bike’s skeleton is the unique selling point of the bike.
The powerful disc brakes (mechanical type) and double walled rims prevent the rider from fall and injury during extreme off road riding. The very surprising feature of this bike is that the presta valve is available with the bike. So, at any time on the journey if the air gets less in the tires, Presta valve can be adjusted to solve the problem.
Compared to its features, the bike is very economical and also performs great. It gives the riders high performance speed adventure while its carefully designed body frame ensures that riders are well-balanced at any posture and position. The seat is adjustable according to the physique of the rider. The padded seat of the bike allows the rider to cover longer and steep distances without any fatigue or hurdle. Rather it gives smoothness in the journey and makes the journey very joyful and memorable. The handle grip covers allow a strong grip on the handlebar and make the ride stress free. In short, it is a good and innovative bike with all the supreme features and guaranteed high quality material. Its features give an assurance of durability and eminence.

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