Cat Eye Velo Bicycle Computer

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The Cat Eye Velo Bicycle Computer is designed to calculate multiple parameters of speed (max, current and average), time and distance, and also features a clock – it does not calculate calories however, all of which is important as they help to keep track of your biking activities. It come with an easy to operate single button, a big screen and is user friendly. It can be attached on a bicycle frame or handlebar a versatile mounting bracket.

It functions by utilizing sensors which are affixed to the frame and wheel of the bicycle via cables. These sensors tracks the rotation of the wheel, translates them into distance and send them to a graphical interface with outputs the result on the screen.

The Cat Eye Velo Bicycle Computer is a universally tried and tested computer and has been providing data solutions for centuries.


The Cat Eye Velo Bicycle Computer comes with the following features:

  • A single button operated computer with a big screen and automatic start features that also display setup for tire
  • A sturdy zip tie mounting bracket that offers excellent gripping properties.
  • Can compute multiple configuration of distance, of speed (max, current and average), time and includes a clock.
  • Multi-functional with four different features and seven different functions.


The Cat Eye Velo Bicycle Computer is a multi-functional tool that calculates basic biking data. It comes with an installation guide which when followed, makes attachment to the bike very easy. It is pretty accurate in calculating of different speed values, distance and time and displays them on a large screen and it’s not too difficult to read when riding. It also features an odometer which keeps track of the bicycle’s mileage and it’s easy to attach and detach from the mount.

The computer is somehow bulky and it does not come backlit meaning when it’s dark, you can’t use it. There are also lots of wires that needs to go round your bike frame and if not secured properly, could pose a hazard.

Operating this unit is stress free as it uses just a single button and switching between functions is very easy. The screen is also visible in sunlight as it is not affected easily by glare.

If you are looking for a computer with basic data output, then waste no time in getting this unit.

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