Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Road Bike

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The Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Road Bike is specially hand crafted for urban movement.  The frame of this bike is constructed for welded steel, designed with a horizontally flat dropout and set of components that makes this bike the ideal machine for cruising around town, on beach track and for executing some freestyling tricks. It comes with a hub created with a flip-flop technique to allow for riding it either as a fixed gear or simply swap some parts and ride with the standard single speed configuration. Ride at ease without fear of rough terrain, bumps or potholes as the Wand tires utilized by this bike is specially built for riding in cities. The bottom bracket is well sealed, preventing dirt and moisture from getting into the components. The bike sports a Sun Run freewheeling unit, pedals from Well-Go, brakes from Promax, Crank set from Protek, plus other components working together in unison to deliver an amazing city experience.


The Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Road Bike comes with the following features:

  • Frame manufactured from high quality steel, handcrafted for optimum toughness, and specially designed for town cruising with a horizontally flat drop out.
  • The wall rims utilize a Double V deep design with a flip flop hub on a wheel set that features both cogs for fixed gears and freewheels.
  • Constructed majorly from components with trusted brand names such as Well-Go, Wanda, Neco, KMC, Protek and Promax.
  • Available in varying sizes of Large, Medium and Small.
  • Comes bundled with all the tools needed for assembly.


This bike comes shipped almost fully assembled and all you need to do is to fix the pedals, seat, handlebar and the back wheel. If you follow the included instruction manual, then assembling this machine will be a breeze. It comes bundled with a cone wrench and three different Allen wrench sizes, which is basically what you need to build the bicycle.

The frame is designed from steel and it is very tough and sturdy, yet surprisingly light. There is no room for toe overlap and it has the ability to bar spin. It comes with a flip flop hub that makes it possible for flexible option of either biking with a free or fixed wheel and swapping between each mode is relatively easy. The tires from Wanda are very durable and takes on skids, potholes and crack efficiently.

Overall this bike is well designed for town cruising and for the price tag, it delivers excellently.

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