Delta Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand

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The Delta Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand is a very safe and space saving solution that every biker with challenges of storage need to have. The stand firm mounting is based on gravity and does not need drilling into walls before it can be utilized. It leans perfectly against walls and the legs are tipped with rubber to keep it firm on the floor.  The arms for holding the bikes can be adjusted separately to take any type of bike. The weight limit of this stand is one hundred pounds (fifty pounds per bike) and it is the ultimate space saver for an indoor setting. It is designed to be stylish, very stable and it is treated with a powder-coat of silvered epoxy for durability.

The stand is very easy to put together and is shipped with the necessary tools and instruction booklet to allow you assemble it safely for use.

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The Delta Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand comes with the following features:

  • The arms for suspending the bikes are easily adjustable and can support any type of bike.
  • The stand loading capacity is rated at one hundred pounds (supporting a bike weighing fifty pounds on each arm)
  • The constructed material is finished with a premium coating of silver powder.
  • Comes bundled with the necessary tools and hardware for setting up and it’s very easy to install.


One of the unique features about the Delta Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand is the ability to stand on its own without the need of drilling walls. The legs are fixed with rubbers that enable them to have a firm grip on the floor. The stability is awesome and despite the fact that it’s free standing, it does not wobble at all.

Setting up this rack is very simple as every instruction for doing this are well laid out in the assembly booklet that come bundled with it.

The arms that the bikes are suspended on have a special coating that prevents your bike form getting scratched when you are fixing or removing it. The rack is very sturdy and looks tough, yet stylish. You will amazed at the amount of free space you can clear just by utilizing it to store your bikes.

It can fit in most tiny spaces and now you have the solution to keeping your bike from outside, exposed to dirt and harsh weather.

If you need to free up space in your apartment or garage, then this is the rack you need for your bikes.

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