Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Lux Women’s Mountain Bike

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Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Lux Womens Mountain Bike

This beautifully colored red and black bike is made for both experts and beginners. It is a women’s bike and is made up of aluminum frame which is very light weight and hence women’s can easily handle the bike without ruining their adventure. It has full suspension forks of SR sun tour. Crank set are also attached with the chain guard to give a smooth ride without any interruption on speed. It also has double walled rims (32h Diamondback; SL-7 type) to protect the rim from damage on any rough surface. The bike has disc brakes of Tektro IO which are reliable on any steep slope. It also has a padded and comfortable seat to gives the rider smooth and comfortable ride.

Light weight aluminum frame bike, specifically designed for women; full suspension forks (SR sun tour type); Crank set chain guard (SR Suntour XCT type); Double walled rims (SL-7 type); Mechanical disc brakes (Tektro IO type); padded seat; primary color is red and black; strong and powerful tires; available in different sizes; wheel size 27.5 inches.
Diamondback, an American company, is a major seller of bicycles around the globe. They are known for their production of numerous varieties of bikes. It has manufactured bikes that meet the demands of diversified customers; the requirements of the riders have been successfully addressed by Diamondback Company. The Diamondback Lux Women Mountain Bike for 2014 is another superb product of this fantastic manufacturer which exclusively caters the demands of Women.
The bike is perfectly capable for providing a really comfortable ride to its users for a much extended time period. The bike is equipped with Lux 27.5 inches Aluminum Frame which has been fitted with a super low top tube; making it a perfect women mountain bike. This is just one aspect of this wonderful bicycle; the suspension is a SR Suntour (XCT 27.5) with 8 centimeters travel suspension forks to keep an excellent road grip during any bumpy ride.
To add to the solace, you should not worry about travelling at higher speeds because the bike has an excellent braking mechanism that is equipped with Tektro IO plus mechanical disc brakes. The Double wall Rims are also an accessory that make the bike an unavoidable choice. The SR Suntour XCT Chain guard Crank set gives you the peace of mind that you will never be abruptly stopped in your tracks. There is also an amazing feature to lock your speed to improve your pedaling efficiency; this helps in going much faster without any actual wastage of energy.
If you are a woman and looking for a product to enjoy the cycling experience as a hobby or exercise or for any other purpose then the Diamondback 27.5 inches Women Mountain Bike is the correct choice for you. It is fitted with all comforts, accessories and equipment that make it a real tribute to all the women riders out there.

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