Diamondback – Overdrive Expert Mountain Bike

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Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Overdrive Sport Mountain Bike with 29-Inch WheelsThis professional level has an elegant and attractive black color scheme. It is a light weight bike that has an aluminum butted frame. It has a suspension forks by SR Sun tour (XCT MLO; 29er) with the vertical travel of 10 centimeters, thanks to the 3 centimeters muscular and robust aluminum stanchions. It has attached a Shimano Acera rear derailleur gears and contains the SL-M310 shifters coupled with XTC crank set by SR Sun tour which can effortlessly shift the gears. The bike has disc brakes by Hayes MX. Stem, handlebar, saddle and stem are made by alloy material beside doubled walled rims by Weinmann and high pressure Wolverine tires by WTB. It is available in different sizes according to the physique requirements of the rider.

Aluminum butted frame (6061-T6); SR Sun tour (XCT MLO; 29er) suspension forks; Shimano Acera rear derailleur gears; SL-M310 shifters; Hayes MX mechanical disc brakes; padded seat; Weinmann doubled walled rims; WTB Wolverine high pressure tires; alloy material stem, handlebar, saddle and stem primary color is black; available in different sizes.
The DB Overdrive Expert bike is a masterpiece of precision engineering for those biking experts, whose life is all about biking especially the off road biking. This bike is a beautifully designed mountain bike equipped with all the premium off road biking features. It has got purposely built ultra-strong butted (Var: 6061-T6) aluminum frame which provides a stunning ride on any terrain, and because of being light weight it is easily controllable by the riders on every terrain due to very good handling capabilities.
The suspension forks coupled with 29 inch wheels gives a splendid performance that the passionate riders will just love to have on an adventure ride. The wheel size of 29 inches gives maximum efficiency and speed, and is tactically designed to overcome any extraterrestrial obstacle and withstand the beating faced on most harsh terrains of off road biking. Additionally, a strong handle bar can take the beating of any terrain very easily. Double walled rims are provided with high pressure tires for a durable and reliable off road biking.
It has attached Shimano Acera rear derailleur gears along with swift easy fire shifters which effortlessly shift the gears. The gears of the bike coupled with shifters are so efficient that the rider can ride on any deceiving terrain and yet enjoying the ride. Shimano 24-speed drive train and Hayes MX5 disc brakes are the best features which provide rapid shifts and immediate stopping. The bike’s disc brakes gives an ultimate and immediate stop when required without losing control or balance.
It has an adjustable padded seat which increases the comfort and safety of the rider on longer trips. The bike is shipped in a sealed box. But it takes few minutes to assemble the bike with the help of helping guide available in the box.

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