Fox Head Ranger Glove for Men

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Fox Head Ranger Glove for Men is the right choice when it comes to making the decision for your gloving needs as it offers superb grip control and comfort. It is made from the finest hand textiles that is lightweight and offers great performance and comfort. It is tailored with a closure for the wrist tab sporting a low profile, a fingertip print made from silicon for more grip, thump dabbing surface with absorbent properties and an Ax Suede Fit that is double layered for durability and firm grip.


The Fox Head Ranger Glove for Men comes with the following features:

  • Specially made from fifty percent polyamide nylon, forty percent4 polyester and ten percent polyvinyl chloride
  • Designed with a hexagon print featuring a flexible and lightweight top hand.
  • Clarino palm with double layer for added quality
  • A superb fingertip made from silicon for a firmer grip.
  • Comes with a closure for the wrist tab that’s low profile.
  • Thumb wiping exterior made with an absorbent suede material.
  • Synthetic-leather double layered palm surface that delivers powerful stability and grip.
  • Enhanced grip on the middle and index fingers courtesy of the finger-tip material made from silicon.


The Fox Head Ranger Glove for Men is an excellent hand glove that every biker should think of adding to their gear. They are durable, comfortable and lightweight, conforming to the shape of your hands and providing a proper fit for the palm. They don’t cause sweating and are suitable for dryers and washing machines

The paddings are suitable enough and they have little openings on fingers section of the pad including the sides making them highly breathable to prevent wet palms and also make them lightweight.

Generally, they provide excellent grip for superb control. You shouldn’t think twice before you get this glove.

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