Fox Head Reflex Gel Glove for Men

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The Fox Head Reflex Gel Glove for Men offers complete control and comfort to suit your biking technique. It comes loaded with powerful features such as a padding that is low-profile, tough construction material and many more. It suitable for long rides and for any type of adventure and sports a system to reduce fatigue. They are not bulky and offer excellent cushioning to prevent cramps. It comes with adequate reflex gel pads that distribute pressure equally and encourage blood flow to every area of the palm. These gels are impregnated with silicone, positioned securely on the index and tip of the middle fingers and kept in place by straps of hook and loop, thereby allowing seamless connection with brake handles and shifters. They also divert unnecessary pressure build up away from the nerves to prevent numbness. Sturdy grip, balance, toughness and comfort are achieved on the palm by a dual layer Clarino. The Fox Gloves comes in varying sizes from small to double extra-large and are available in multiple color choices.


The Fox Head Reflex Gel Glove for Men comes with the following features:

  • Made from durable material consisting of fifty percent polyamide nylon, twenty two percent polyester, ten percent neoprene and gel and eight percent polyvinyl chloride.
  • Top hand that is flexible and lightweight
  • Clarino palm with dual layer
  • Index and middle fingertips covered with synthetic leather impregnated with silicone for better grip.
  • Gel palms inserts for the absorption of cramps and shocks to ease fatigue to the hands.
  • Secure and tight fit with a wrist tab closure
  • Gloves feature full hand coverage thereby providing warmth and comfort during cold weather.


The Fox Head Reflex Gel Glove for Men is a decent biker product and for the price, they offer basic hand gloving solution. They provide adequate grip especially for the palm and they wrap comfortably around handlebars hence operating the brakes and shifters with relative ease. The Velcro strappings performed well in keeping a tight fit. The thickness and total coverage of the glove keeps the hand warm enough and prevent jitters in cold weather and they are well vented for breathability when used in hot weather making it versatile and adaptable, however the durability calls for concern as it looks like it won’t last long especially if roughly used.  If you are looking for a cheap glove that serves decently, then this one comes recommended.

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