Huffy Bicycle – Men’s Alpine Bike

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Huffy Bicycle – Mens Alpine Bike
This men’s bike is a strapping and stunning addition to the bike’s world. It has a striking color scheme of acid green and black. The design of this bike is unique and is especially made for men riders. The frame of the bike is made up of steel which is a very tough and strong material to protect the bike from damage or loss. It contains 18 speed (twist type) shifters by Ernzo. It also has a rear 6 speed gear system. The steel brakes (linear pull type) of the Huffy bike are made to provide stop on any rough terrain. The pull brakes of the bike are made of steel material to protect the brakes from rust or smash up. The seat of the bike is adjustable and padded and is so comfortable that the rider won’t feel of any fatigue or exhaustion even on bumpy roads. With the combination of such features; it’s equally a fun ride for both beginners and expert riders.


Primary color scheme of the bike is acid green and black; steel material frame; 18 speed (twist type) shifters by Ernzo; rear 6 speed gear system; steel brakes (linear pull type); padded seat; available in various sizes; dimension of the bike are 63 inches x 23 inches x 39 inches.


This Huffy Alpine Bike (Model No: 24324) is a kind of hard-tail mountain bike specifically designed for those men riders who have a passion of mountain biking. Its beautiful design with a pinch of acid green color and the combination of premium mountain bike features makes any rider feels amazing. The steel tail frame makes the bike durable enough to endure any bumps of rough terrains. Equally important, the steel brakes (linear pull type) ensure the rider’s safety by providing crucial stop control during any adventurous ride. The 18 speed (twist type) shifters by Ernzo and rear 6 speed gear system fulfill all acceleration requirements of a rider. Knobby mountain bike tires combined with alloy rims provide a perfect blend for a great adventure off road experience on the weekend. Additionally, alloy rims are not only all-weather proof but also erosion, ensuring durability. The seat is adjustable to fulfill the requirements of riders with varying physiques. Additionally, the padding of the seat is so comfortable that riders do not feel any bumps of the rough terrain. The 24 inch wheel size makes it an ideal range bike for any rider; professional or beginner, adult or boy. Moreover, these features make this bike equally useful for off roading as well as city ride. Laden with all these features, this mountain bike is not expensive compared with all the provided features. Hence it is a perfect value for money and can surely be a favorite choice for any category of rider.

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