Mongoose Dolomite Fat Boys Tire Cruiser Bike

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The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Boys is a wonderful bike crafted to be utilized on multiple types of terrain all thanks to its massive tires that offers superb traction and stability. The frame utilizes a cruiser styling and the design encourages better and comfortable position when riding. It comes equipped with a beach frame that is supersized with enough clearance to overcome any terrain as the knobbed tires which is sized at 4 1/4 inches does a good job of achieving this. It utilizes disc brakes for powerful stopping force, handlebars are designed in a low rise configuration for stability and comfort, sports a three piece crank set, and rear derailleur with a seven speed shimano gearing system makes this machine an amazing masterpiece.


The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Boys Tire Cruiser Bike comes with the following features:

  • Tires are knobbed and sized at 4 1/4 inches for better traction and manoeuvrability on varying terrain surfaces.
  • Frame is styled like a cruiser with enough clearance to take on any terrain.
  • Four inches wheel set fabricated from alloy with disc brakes that offers a powerful and seamless stopping power.
  • Sports a derailleur at the rear together with a seven speed gearing components by shimano
  • Utilizes beach styled cruiser pedals and a three piece crank set.


This bike come partially assembled from the box with the wheel at the rear already installed. The front wheel will need to be fixed on the frame, handle bars need proper tightening and alignment while the pedals comes with arrowed markers showing which way should be fixed and the seats need to be attached. The gears and brakes at the rear does not really need any fine tuning, however the wheel at the front does.

Overall, the tires which are massive, rides well and offers superb grip. The seats are a bit hard but manageable while the handle bars are well designed for a comfortable sitting position when riding.

This bike is well suited for occasional run around and will not take the beating of hard-core mountain or trail experience. With its features, it won’t disappoint on performance and setting it up for maximum usage is pretty easy.

Generally, if you just love casual biking or leisurely rides, this is an amazing option that won’t disappoint you.

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