Outdoor Gloves for Men and Women

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The Outdoor Gloves for Men and Women is tailored from high quality materials to offers a comfortable fitting. It is well ventilated and breathes nicely, wind stopper and offers a very flexible and stretchable fit.

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The Outdoor Gloves for Men and Women comes with the following features:

  • Designed with wind stopping capabilities and works well with touch screen device. Recommended for usage in temperatures of thirty two degree and higher to provide comfort and style.
  • Fabric material is made up of eighty eight percent polyester, six percent spandex and six percent of rubberized PVC for a tough, durable and light weight material.
  • Material is quick absorbing and dries quickly as it sports a comfortable inner liner that can stretch to fit any shape and size. It is treated with antimicrobial elements to neutralize odours and guaranty safety from germs.
  • For better fit, it uses a zippered technique and this also improves the warmth and comfort. It preserves heat superbly, breathes adequately and offers a better feel to the hands.


These gloves are really nice, sleek and effective. They are designed light and offer warmth to the hands for proper functioning with touch screen enabled devices. One of the bonuses in this glove is the use of zippers for securing a better fit as this makes pulling off and getting them on fast and easy. The can be utilized for a lot of uses like driving, biking and even working out door on cold days. The temperature rating on the glove is adequate and works well in that range to provide the needed warmth.

With this glove, you don’t need to pull them off to operate your phones or other devices with touch screen capabilities as they are designed to be utilized with touch enabled screen. This functions well in that regards without lag or freezing. It should be noted that they are resistant to water and easily washable and dries very fast. They come treated with some antimicrobial elements so you don’t need to worry about odours.

If you are constantly in the cold, working or any other outdoor activities, this glove comes recommended for your comfort.

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