Rechargeable LED Bike Light

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The Rechargeable LED Bike light from Magnus is designed for maximum visibility and to attract attention of other road users. It comes with an aluminum framed front LED light rated at three watts, together with an adjustable three hundred lumens zoom light operated in three modes. It offers versatility as it is suitable for different kind of bikes.


The Rechargeable LED Bike light from Magnus comes with the following feature:

  • A very bright light, using LED Technology, to provide a high intensity beam to illuminate even the darkest trail. It comes in three light modes.
  • It comes in a universal attachment for various kinds of bicycles by utilizing a precise and high quality fully adjustable front mount that is easily attachable to any size of handlebars.
  • Comes with two shock absorbing rubberized mounts of different sizes and thickness which secures firmly on handlebars to perfectly hold the headlight in place so that it doesn’t fall off. This mount can be adjusted without the need for tools as it utilizes a design that holds the front rubber mount firm and secure tightly with the use of a clamp fastener.
  • The materials are crafted from high grade, aluminium alloy that offers toughness. They are made to precision with aviation grade materials and specifications, and hand selected to ensure the final product is top quality that can withstand even the harshest terrain without breaking down.


The Rechargeable LED Bike light from Magnus is a very high quality light with very powerful illuminating LED bulbs. It is very easy to install as all you need to do is adjust the clamp fasteners that comes with the light. It utilizes USB charging which is good for keeping the batteries charged even from a computer and you can use AAA batteries as well.

The overall metallic design of the body is awesome and it looks very sturdy as it can withstand harsh weather conditions. The lights comes in three operating modes offering different light intensity and the strobe mode is good for getting the attention of other road users .

Care should be taken when attaching the light to handlebars as there is a tendency for the mount to snap is not properly fastened in place.

This light comes recommended for every biker who move a lot at night as the illumination offered is second to none. For the price, it is definitely a good buy.

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