Schwinn GTX-1 700C Dual Sport Bicycle for Women

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The Schwinn GTX-1 700C Dual Sport Bicycle for Women is well suited for the occasional runabout or if you are incorporating cycling as a gym routine. It comes with a Schwinn-inspired dual sport aluminium frame and a suspension fork for a smooth, fun and comfortable riding experience. It features a twenty one speed gearing system and a derailleur located at the rear, all components from Shimano, together with grip shifters using the SRAM technique of changing gears for a smooth, fast and seamless gear change. The alloy wheels are designed to be high profile with a front wheel that is attached by a quick release mechanism, offering both unparalled strength yet light. The seat also uses a quick release mechanism for operating the stem to adjust for proper height. This beauty is stopped by braking system that uses the linear pull braking system.

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The Schwinn GTX-1 700C Dual Sport Bicycle for Women comes with the following features:

  • A tough and durable dual sport aluminium frame and a suspension fork, all designed by Schwinn.
  • Twenty one speed gearing systems with rear derailleurs, all from Shimano and operated by grip shifters with SRAM technology.
  • Light weight alloy rims with a quick release at the front for easy and fast operation.
  • Powerful braking force achieved by a system utilizing the linear pull brakes.
  • Easily adjustable seat via a quick release mechanism.


The Schwinn GTX-1 700C Dual Sport Bicycle for Women is a beginner’s bike and comes with decent features that make riding a fun experience. The bike is easy to assemble and adjusting the other components is straightforward. It is not built to be ridden in hostile environment as it will not take the heat.  They are designed primarily for mall visits, leisure rides and commuting.

The frame is not bulky, front suspension absorbs bumps and potholes very well, brakes are effective and the gearing system offers fast gear changes without any lag; however, the handle bar is positioned a bit higher than normal and this configuration will not make biking comfortable for people who are not tall.

This bike comes recommended to females who are not considering hard-core biking and just want to exercise or stroll around the neighbourhood.

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