SE Bikes Adventure V Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle

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The SE Bikes Adventure V Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle is an entry level bike that offers superb handling and control. It is equipped with a seven speed drivetrain made from Shimano, together with a high quality alloy frame. This combo offers durability and reliability to inspire desire and confidence for an experience filled ride.


The SE Bikes Adventure V Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle comes with the following features:

  • The main frame is fabricated from a SE 1 alloy and semi-integrated with a headset. It also comes with a mount for water bottle.
  • Shifter is manufactured by Shimano and it uses the Tourney Revo technology for shifting and this offers twenty one speed.
  • Utilizes the K-922 Kenda tires which measures twenty six inches and have 22 tips.
  • A seven speed  pro wheel  three piece crank set – 28T/38T/48T
  • Fifty millimetres travel allowance for the suspension fork.


The SE Bikes Adventure V Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle is a unique bike on its own and offers entry level specifications with a very good riding performance. The bike ships partially assembled and all you need to do is fix the basic components. Tuning may be required for optimum performance of this bike. The frame construction is very solid and takes any weight with ease. A nice touch to the frame is the water bottle holder which comes handy and it is easily accessible for use even when on the go. The tires ride nice plus they are well treaded and offer perfect grips on smooth surfaces. The manufacturer, Kendra, is known for their quality product so this one performs as expected. This is another bike that uses the high quality Shimano components. The gear shifting is seamless and everything works fine as it should be. The brake also offers decent stopping power which is controlled and smooth. The suspension fork on this machine serves well. You have to try it for yourself to appreciate it. It takes on bumps without making the rider feel the pinch and also function well on rough terrains. The SE Bikes Adventure V Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle offers the perfect deal for this bike and it’s recommended for riders looking to explore hard-core biking for the first time.

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