Shimano Off-Road Bike Shoes for Men

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The Shimano Off-Road Bike Shoes for Men is a very versatile and durable shoe that provides a well-run shape and powerful conventional cross-country styled shoes that offers superb gripping properties for both casual use on smooth road and even a wide variety of rough terrain.

It utilizes the Volume Plus technology to accommodate people with wide feet have a comfortable fitting around the toe section while the remainder part of the shoe provides a regular fit.

The upper part of this shoe is tailored from a synthetic that is resistant to stretching and very tough, having inserts made of mesh strategically located throughout to allow for sufficient breathability when used during rides in hot conditions. The sole is made from polyamide that is reinforced with fibre glass to allow for enough flexibility that conforms to the contours of the feet to provide a snug feel when used for walking around. When used for biking, the rubber thread which is designed to be sturdy gives a lot of traction irrespective of the terrain.

An adjustable buckle, which can be attached in two different spots for low or high insteps, is provided for securing the shoe to the foot, together with dual straps made from Velcro positioned at an offset so as to inhibit pressure and squeezing of the foot.


The Shimano Off-Road Bike Shoes for Men comes with the following specifications:

  • A cross-country and very versatile sport shoe.
  • Upper part made from synthetic leather built to be sturdy and resistant to stretching.
  • Double hooks and loop strapping system with micro adjusters to allow for a proper fit
  • The collar comes padded to allow for added comfort.
  • Super light cushioning achieved by fitting the insides with insole made from foam.
  • Midsole fabricated from polyamide with a reinforcement of glass fibre.
  • Comes with rubber treading that is very tough to provide excellent traction and comfort when walking on diverse terrain.
  • Utilizes the Volume Plus technique for accommodating wider foot in the toe section.


The Shimano Off-Road Bike Shoes for Men offers a comfortable walkabout and biking shoe that provides excellent gripping functions and allows for proper venting. It has everything a proper versatile shoe should come with: a ratchet styled buckle, insole made of rubber, super soft sole amongst other features that makes it an all-weather shoe.

It utilizes a technology to accommodate bikers with wide toes and the strapping does a good job to provide a perfect fit. This shoe can be worn for long hours without feeling pinched or uncomfortable whether you are biking or just walking.

This shoe comes much recommended for people looking for versatile shoes that can withstand the pressures of rough terrain walk and biking.

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