Shimano SH-XC50N Mountain Bike Shoe for Men

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The Shimano SH-XC50N Mountain Bike Shoe for Men is a premium designed and durable product that offers excellent performance on off-road usage and all-weather capabilities while providing all round comfort. It looks like the shimano running shoes which have double Velcro straps in offset position, but this is fabricated from a much tougher, weather-resistant, and warmer material to allow for superb comfort and breathability than conventional shoes.

It features a comfy sole made from fibre glass that has been reinforced to make pedalling more efficient and easy. Lugs made from muli-dense materials are fitted easy mud shedding while providing superb ftraction whennbikingnor walking. The insoles are very flexible and provide a perfect fit for the foot, the top surface utilizes straps that relieves unnecessary pressure with a ratchet system that comes with two position for adjusting to the right fit.


The Shimano SH-XC50N Mountain Bike Shoe for Men comes with the following features:

  • Fitted with lugs that are multi dense and embedded with soft pads that arch with the foot to provide for stability when pedalling.
  • Comfortable sole made with polyamide that has been reinforced with fibreglass to ensure proper stiffness and balance.
  • Utilizes the Volume Plus Technology to allow for accomodation of bikers with wider toes and ball socket on their foot without compromising stability and comfort.
  • Top part made from durable synthetic leather to provide an all-weather comfort.
  • Relieves excessives pressure by utilizing double offset straps.
  • Comes with a two position micro adjustable buckle for a correct fit.
  • Compatible with Shimano M780 pedals and spike mounts for added gripping on wet surfaces.


The Shimano SH-XC50N Mountain Bike Shoe for Men is a very flexible and fitting shoe that offers superb performance for any purpose. It can be worn for biking as well as for walkabout.  It is very comfortable with enough toe room to accommodate wider feet. The insoles and cushions work perfectly to give you a nice feeling on your feet and the straps offers enough adjustment to get that customized fit.

This shoes are really great, tough, light, delivers excellently and for the price, it’s a steal.

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