Silver Women’s Small High Timber Mountain Bike by Schwinn

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Schwinn Womens High Timber Mountain Bike

Schwinn’s Mountain bike for Women is especially designed for the ladies keeping in view their physical requirements to provide them smooth and comfy ride. The overall structure or frame of the bike is made up of steel with suspension forks from SR Sun tour which ensures durability and smoothness of the ride on any terrain. It features Shimano 21 speed (derailleur type) rear gear with efficient SRAM shifter (grip shift) that can smoothly change the gears during the ride. The distinct attribute of this Women’s Mountain bike is that its linear pull type brakes are alloy brakes which prevent the brake components from rust or damage. The smooth and comfortable padded saddle is adjustable swiftly to provide a relaxing and more enjoyable ride to all types of riders on any difficult terrain like a hilly area or dirt path. A feminine touch of purple and silver colors add to the color scheme of the bike frame a gleaming and attractive look.

Sturdy steel piped frame; suspension forks are of SR Sun tour; 21 speed drive train; Alloy Rims; Shimano (21 speed) rear gear equipped with SRAM type shifters; brakes set made of alloy material; Smooth padded adjustable Saddle; Available in beautiful colors and in different sizes; Dimensions of the bike are 68 x 23 x 41 inches.
Although Schwinn offer this bike for both men and women, it’s particularly preferred by women. The bike has beautiful and attractive color scheme and offers some fantastic features. This light weight bike comes with the 66.04 centimeter wheels and can be easily assembled by anyone with the help of guiding instructions in the owner’s manual. Being lightweight it not only provides a very smooth and delightful ride but also conveniently hand-able by any rider; plus it can also be shifted effortlessly. With this bike, it becomes easier for the women to ride on rough terrains or mud areas experiencing complete adventure and thrill at high speeds. The Shimano gear set changes the gears with the aid of efficient shifters very swiftly and hence provides perfect control.
The steel-piped frame body of bike prevents it from any damage during ride or impact. The high pressure tires do not tear out quickly, neither the mud nor dirt sticks with them, which give the riders complete control of the ride and a much pleasant experience. Equipped with all these excellent features, this Women’s Mountain Bike offered by Schwinn is very economical and can be easily purchased online from this website. It is a worth purchased product and ensures that the best quality is delivered to you at best price. With its easily adjustable functions, the bike does not stress out the rider and can provide a joyful journey. It has all the good components which are expected by any enthusiast rider, a true sign of security and durability.

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