Thruster T-29 Mountain Bike for Men

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The Thruster T-29 Mountain Bike for Men offers a tough frame made from a special 6061 aluminium that has been heat treated, thereby making it lightweight and provides a superb foundation. It sports a fast gear shifter utilizing the Shimano RS25 brand and derailleurs utilizing the TZ31 brand, to provide a seamless and sharp drivetrain. The alloy rims are massive at twenty nine inches offering lightweight, agility, better handling characteristics and low resistance to rolling when compared to its steel counterparts.  It comes with knobby tires sized at twenty nine inches and are properly treaded to accommodate varying terrain with superb grips.  The crank set is sized at one hundred and seventy millimetre with twenty eight, thirty eight, and forty eight tooth rings fabricated from steel to provide strength and durability. The seat post is made from alloy and employs a quick release mechanism which makes seat adjustment for height feasible without the need for tools.


The Thruster T-29 Mountain Bike for Men comes with the following features:

  • A sturdy frame fabricated from an aluminium material that has been heat treated to provide durability.
  • Durable shifters and derailleurs manufactured by Shimano to provide a seamless and quiet gear changing operation.
  • Massive twenty nine inches rims, lightweight yet efficient, controllable and agile thereby provide low rolling resistance on any surface.
  • A twenty nine inches knobby tires well-treaded to ensure perfect grip on any terrain
  • Steel built, durable and strong crank set sized at one hundred and seventy millimetre and comes with triple different sized tooth rings.


The Thruster T-29 Mountain Bike for Men comes partially assembled out of the box.  The handlebar, pedals and wheels will need installation and the tires inflated. It is recommended to take it to a bike shop for tuning and inspection after assembly.

This bike is designed with simplicity of operation. It doesn’t have a dual suspension; just a suspension fork positioned in front, regular brakes and shifters from Shimano.

It offers a very comfortable ride and is not too heavy. The tires are massive and cover long distances with limited pedal input plus they grip well to any surface.

The price tag on this bike is very affordable and evens a value that is as twice the price. It comes recommended for the casual biker who needs a very basic bike for urban transport.

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