Topeak Survival Tool Wedge Pack with Fixer 25

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The Topeak Survival Tool Wedge Pack with Fixer 25 is a much more advanced and updated version of the older wedge pack. It is manufactured with a one thousand denier, wrapped around a zipper and utilizes 3M strips that are reflective in nature and extra-long for improved safety when used at night plus a main compartment, which is expandable by using a zipper, for more storage. It also comes bundled with a rain cover.


The Topeak Survival Tool Wedge Pack with Fixer 25 comes with the following features:

  • Comes designed in a neat shape for storing small items, holding tubes and other tools.
  • Comes with a panel that is easy to expand to provide more space for storage thereby increasing the capacity.
  • Included with rain cover to protect contents in the bag.
  • Utilizes a strap for the seat post which is activated by quick click.


The Topeak Survival Tool Wedge Pack with Fixer 25 is a tough storage product that comes very handy for stowing important kits. It is built with two compartments on top of each other. The upper part is good for storing tools and keeping them steady due to its hard foam encasement. The rain covers can also be stowed in this section. The bottom section can be used in stowing phones, wallets, keys and other small sized essentials and this part can actually be expanded by opening a zipper.  It comes with a bonus reflective element all round it for visibility at night.

This survival pack is well designed with tough material that can withstand moderate storage of hard equipment and the shape is well suited for its purpose. Another nice feature is the inclusion of a quick release mechanism which allow for easy attaching and detaching to frames. It comes with all the kit you need for a not too serious maintenance on your bicycle and the only tool that would have been a nice addition is an air canister and a spare tire.

This product is definitely recommended to anyone who needs a portable bag with basic tools for their bicycles.

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