Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes + Multi-Use Pedals

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The Venzo Mountain Bike Cycling Shimano Shoes is a very durable biking shoe that offers excellent gripping properties. It is very versatile and can be used with or without cleats. The materials it is constructed with are extremely breathable mesh made from high quality synthetic materials and when washed or wet, drys very quick. The SPD Pedals for shimano are compatible with these shoes and together they provide an awesome cycling experience.


The Venzo Mountain Bike Cycling Shimano Shoes come equipped with the following features:


  • Built with awesome top notch technology that offers excellent performance.
  • Utilizes an extremely breathable mesh made from a high quallty synthetic fabric that offers quick drying ability.
  • Comes with a sock-liner textile that is easily removable.
  • Sports a constructions that is low-cut for a quick, lightweight and better fit.
  • Utilizes same design as a running shoe where the heel side is bevel shaped and the forefoot side very flexible to comform to every contour on the leg when cycling.
  • Designed to work well with all SPD pedals from Shimano.
  • Weights at just six hundred and forty grams.


The shoe comes with pedals that have the following specifications:

  • The pedals are manufactured to high standards by Wellgo
  • The body is fabricated from a high quality aluminium alloy for toughness.
  • Comes with a cro-moly spindle and it incorporates ball bearings for easy moving surfaces.
  • Can be used together with wellgo or shimano cleats, though not included.
  • Light weight at three hundred and seventy grams.


The Venzo Mountain Bike Cycling Shimano Shoes is an excellent shoe that can be used either for biking or for just casual walk around. It fits very well for both use and it is durable and not very heavy. It attaches easily to the pedals that came with it to offer a decent bike ride. It does not come with cleats so if you really need them, you have to spare some money to get one.

At a decent price, these shoes, together with the accompanying pedals offer a great bang for the buck.

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