Wald 3133 Quick Release Basket

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The Wald 3133 Quick Release Basket are usually attached to the front for stability and this is achieved with a handle bar holder utilizing bolt-on support and a quick release mechanism for attaching and detaching the basket easily. There is a big clearance, offered by the bolt-on support, between the basket and the handle bar to prevent interfering with brake levers, cables and shifters.

This set up provides a better option for storage and also allows for freedom to transfer the basket between different bikes in a very easy and quick way.

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The Wald 3133 Quick Release Basket comes with the following features:

  • A very tough handle bar basket attached to the front with a strong holder.
  • The basket holder allows for adequate space to prevent interfering brakes levers, shifters and cables.
  • Basket is suitable carrying picnic items, small stuffs and groceries.
  • Weights are evenly distributed for stability and balanced control when biking.


The Wald 3133 Quick Release Basket is the perfect shopping accessory for bikers who frequent shopping malls with their bicycles. It attaches easily to the front with the help of bolts and doesn’t interfere with the operation of the levers, shifters and cables, does not cover lights and reflectors,  and other components positioned on the handle bar. It can fit almost any item such as groceries, laptops, bags and even a backpack.

This basket comes at a cheaper price when compared to other models that does not even have the same functionality as the Wald. It comes bundled with all the accessories needed to mount this on your bicycle and if you follow the instructions, then setting it up will be a breeze. It uses a quick release mechanism which allows for faster attaching and detaching.  A good feature is that you can actually switch it between bikes. Just release the bolt-on mounts and detach.  Items stored in the basket are does not affect the stability and controllability of the bicycle if they are well stacked.

Overall, if you need a grocery basket for bikes, this one will serve and for the price, it’s an excellent deal.

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