Wellgo MG-1 Magnesium Sealed Pedal

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The Wellgo MG-1 Magnesium Sealed Pedal offers superb performance and durability for a better riding experience. For any riding condition, it offers a platform with firm gripping properties while sporting tractions pins that are removable and helps keep the pedals in place.


The Wellgo MG-1 Magnesium Sealed Pedal comes with the following features:

  • Superb color for the body which comes in a magnesium themed paint scheme.
  • Utilizes a very durable cromoly spindle.
  • Comes with  MG -1 bearing surfaces that are DU/Sealed


The Wellgo MG-1 Magnesium Sealed Pedal is an excellent pedal that comes with efficiency and a durable look. It comes with beautifully designed metal studs that are replaceable. They are very versatile in their use and can attach to any kind of bike.

With a fifteen millimeter wrench, you can install the pedals. The installation is very easy as the wrench is used for the shaft of the pedals. When fixing the left pedal, note that it is reverse threaded and adequate care should be taken when installing to prevent wearing the threaded part.
The pedals come with very smooth and nice bearing surfaces that are well sealed and it works well to reduce friction. They are ultra light and provide a firmer gripping surface. The pins are adequate and they do a good job of preventing the pedals from slipping off.

The pedals are not very free to spin, hoewver it does not change position too often and stays fixed offering a quicker pedalling. The serrated parts of the pedals are excellent as they provide superb traction and won’t slip easily when biking. It also comes with slots for mounting reflectors which is a nice addition.

Generally, for the price, the wellgo is a nice addition to a biker’s gear and offer good value for money.

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